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The Journal of Croatian Literature

Even if some languages do travel further than others, there are no such things as small languages and small literatures. It is our task to prove this, and we chose to do so by bonding through the pleasure of reading, by giving the reader nothing but a living literary text and a translation that makes it alive in a new world/language. Relations wants to offer this pleasure, and, judging by the results, it is successful in it. Special issues of our journal – anthologies and reviews of contemporary Croatian poetry and prose – serve as reference points for foreign publishers and experts, while some, such as the anthology of the Croatian short story in Spanish, were published abroad as independent books, thereby helping our authors to participate in literary events, book fairs and festivals across the world. What we believe in: the writers and literature Relations brings have something to say about the world and time which we live in, they have their audience and can be heard far and wide. And this is what we want to make possible.